[Dovecot] Released v1.1.beta3

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Oct 16 20:23:14 EEST 2007


Please try and report any bugs. Beta2 still had a few bad bugs, but I'm
hoping this release is near a usable state.

I've been a bit busy with school lately so I haven't had time/energy to
answer mails in here. The main reason has been this lab course
(biochemistry) which ends on friday, so I'll try to start answering
mails sometimes next week.

Changes since beta2:

 - SORT fixes. Still buggy?
  - If Date: header doesn't exist or is broken, fallback to INTERNALDATE
(as required by newer sort drafts, which I hadn't noticed before, v1.0.6
will have this too)
 - Log fatals/panics as such, instead of converting them to errors.
 - Don't bother logging "returned error 89" if the child process logged
a fatal before that.
 - dovecot.index.cache file may have been updated wrong when saving
messages causing all kinds of problems if it was
 - Some crashfixes

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