[Dovecot-news] v1.2.rc4 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon May 18 05:14:58 EEST 2009


I'm pretty hopeful that virtual mailbox code is finally crash-free. If
people don't find many problems from this release, I'm thinking that rc5
could come in a couple of weeks and that would be renamed to v1.2.0
after a week or so if no one has reported bugs.

v1.2.rc4 2009-05-17 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

	* If /dev/arandom exists, use it instead of /dev/urandom (OpenBSD).
	* When logging to a file, the lines now start with a timestamp instead
	  of "dovecot: " prefix.

	+ IMAP: When multiple commands are pipelined, try harder to combine
	  their mailbox syncing together. For example with Maildir pipelining
	  STORE 1:* +FLAGS \Deleted and EXPUNGE commands the files won't
	  be unnecessarily rename()d before being unlink()ed.
	+ imap-proxy: Send backend's CAPABILITY if it's different from what
	  was sent to client before.
	+ IMAP: struct mail now keeps track of all kinds of statistics, such
	  as number of open()s, stat()s, bytes read, etc. These fields could
	  be exported by some kind of a statistics plugin (not included yet).
	+ IMAP: SEARCH command now dynamically figures out how to run about
	  0.20 .. 0.25 seconds before seeing if there's other work to do.
	  This makes the SEARCH performance much better.
	- Fixes to shared mailbox handling.
	- Fixes to virtual mailboxes.
	- THREAD command could have crashed.
	- Fixes to expire-tool.
	- mbox: Don't break if From_-line is preceded by CRLF (instead of LF).
	- dict process wasn't restarted after SIGHUP was sent to master.

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