[Dovecot-news] v1.1.rc6 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri May 30 03:39:06 EEST 2008


This is it. The first v1.1 release that actually deserves the "release
candidate" name. It contains everything I require from v1.1.0 release.
There are two bugs left that I'd like to get fixed, but they won't block
v1.1.0 release:

 * index_mailbox_set_recent_uid() assert (reported by Diego Liziero)
 * Maildir not always finding new messages and returning them as empty
(reported by Anders).

The major change in v1.1.rc6 release is the SORT indexing half-rewrite.
I hadn't much stress tested that code before, and once I started I just
kept finding more and more weird bugs and it became extremely difficult
to figure out how to fix them, so I finally decided to just redesign how
it's supposed to work and then implemented that.

The resulting sort code is a lot cleaner and it should also perform
better (although it could still be improved a bit: the basic binary
searching could be replaced with one that first binary searches between
already-looked-up sort-strings and only after that binary searches the
resulting space which requires slower sort-string lookups). Hopefully
there are also no stupid bugs left like returning messages in wrong sort
order. :)

I've been wasting time this past week getting new stuff for my new
apartment, but that's nearly done now. I think (hope) I'm going to be
more productive in here, there are less neighbours behind walls/floors
(just 1), so less potential for annoying noises. :) Thinking also seems
to work better when there's more space to walk around.

And finally, the changes since v1.1.rc5:

	* Index file format changed a bit. If an older Dovecot v1.1 reads
	  index files updated by rc6+, they may give "Invalid header record
	  size" or "ext reset: invalid record size" warnings. v1.0 won't give
	  these errors.
	* IMAP: LIST .. RETURN (X-STATUS) command return now LIST entries
	  before STATUS entries.
	* zlib plugin: Uncompress if the message begins with zlib header
	  instead of looking at the 'Z' flag. This fixes copying with hard
	  links. Based on a patch by Richard Platel.

	+ IMAP: SORT index handling code was half-rewritten to fix several bugs
	  when multiple sessions were sorting at the same time. The new code is
	  hopefully also faster.
	+ Maildir: If POP3 UIDL extra field is found from dovecot-uidlist,
	  it's used instead of the default UIDL format (or X-UIDL: header).
	  This allows easily preserving UIDLs when migrating from other POP3
	  servers. Patch by Nicholas Von Hollen @ Mailtrust.
	+ Maildir: ,W=<vsize> is now always added to maildir filenames
	+ deliver: Avoid reading dovecot-uidlist's contents if possible.
	+ Added %T modifier = Trim whitespace from end of string
	- IMAP: Fixed some bugs in LIST-EXTENDED implementation.
	- IMAP: If client tries to change the selected mailbox state while
	  another command is still running, wait until the command is finished.
	  This fixes some crashes and other unwanted behavior.
	- allow_nets userdb setting was broken with big endian CPUs

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