[Dovecot-news] v1.1.2 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Jul 24 03:05:21 EEST 2008


Development of new features in this release and the upcoming
multi-master replication are sponsored by Directi (www.directi.com). 

Lucene indexing is currently deprecated in favor of the new Solr
indexing. I'm even considering removing the Lucene C++ library support,
so if you're interested in keeping it send me a mail. Note that the
current fts-lucene is somewhat broken as well as non-optimal.

Anyone interested in using zlib plugin with Maildir should read

I'm hoping to get the first v1.2 betas out in a couple of weeks and an
eventual v1.2.0 release in a couple of months.

	+ Added full text search indexing support for Apache Lucene Solr
	  server: http://wiki.dovecot.org/Plugins/FTS/Solr
	+ IMAP SORT: Added X-SCORE sort key for use with Solr searches.
	+ zlib plugin supports now bzip2 also.
	+ quota: All backends now take noenforcing parameter.
	+ Maildir: Add ,S=<size> to maildir filename whenever quota plugin
	  is loaded, even when not using Maildir++ quota.
	+ deliver: Allow lda section to override plugin settings.
	+ deliver: Giving a -m <namespace prefix> parameter now silently saves
	  the mail to INBOX. This is useful for e.g. -m INBOX/${extension}
	+ Added a new maildirlock utility for write-locking Dovecot Maildir.
	+ dict-sql: Support non-MySQL databases by assuming they implement the
	  "INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY" using an INSERT trigger.
	- SORT: Fixed several crashes/errors with sort indexing.
	- IMAP: BODYSTRUCTURE is finally RFC 3501 compliant. Earlier versions
	  didn't include Content-Location support.
	- IMAP: Fixed bugs with listing INBOX.
	- Maildir: maildirfolder file wasn't created when dovecot-shared
	  file existed on the root directory
	- deliver didn't expand %variables in namespace location settings.
	- zlib: Copying non-compressed messages resulted in empty mails
	  (except when hardlink-copying between maildirs).
	- mbox-snarf plugin was somewhat broken
	- deliver + Maildir: If uidlist couldn't be locked while saving,
	  we might have assert-crashed
	- mbox: Fixed an assert-crash with \Recent flag handling

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