[Dovecot-news] v1.0.8 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Nov 28 16:11:51 EET 2007


	+ Authentication: Added "password_noscheme" field that can be used
	  instead of "password". "password" treats "{prefix}" as a password
	  scheme while "password_noscheme" treats it as part of the password
	  itself. So "password_noscheme" should be used if you're storing
	  passwords as plaintext. Non-plaintext passwords never begin
	  with "{", so this isn't a problem with them.
	- IMAP: Partial body fetching was sometimes non-optimal, causing
	  the entire message to be read for every FETCH command.
	- deliver failed to save the message when envelope sender address
	  contained spaces.
	- Maildir++ quota: We could have randomly recalculated quota when
	  it wasn't necessary.
	- Login process could have crashed after logging in if client sent
	  data before "OK Logged in" reply was sent (i.e. before master had
	  replied that login succeeded).
	- Don't assert-crash when reading dovecot.index.logs generated by
	  Dovecot v1.1.
	- Authentication: Don't assert-crash if password beings with "{" but
	  doesn't contain "}".
	- Authentication cache didn't work when using settings that changed
	  the username (e.g. auth_username_format).

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