[Dovecot-news] 1.0.rc27 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Mar 13 21:01:57 EET 2007


A few new small features and lots of index/mbox fixes. I've been heavily
stress testing this release, so I think it should be about perfect. :)

I think the only thing still missing from v1.0 is documentation. There
are some unwritten pages in the wiki, and I still haven't bothered to
write the wiki -> doc/*.txt conversion script. The script will probably
be pretty easy, but writing the docs can take a while.

	+ mbox and index file code handles silently out of quota/disk
	  space errors (maildir still has problems). They will give the user
	  a "Not enough disk space" error instead of flooding the log file.
	+ Added fsync_disable setting.
	+ mail-log plugin: Log the mailbox name, except if it's INBOX
	+ dovecot-auth: Added a lot more debug logging to passdbs and userdbs
	+ dovecot-auth: Added %c variable which expands to "secured" with
	+ dovecot-auth: Added %m variable which expands to auth mechanism name
	- maildir++ quota: With ignore=box setting the quota was still updated
	  for the mailbox even though it was allowed to go over quota (but
	  quota recalculation ignored the box).
	- Index file handling fixes
	- mbox syncing fixes
	- Wrong endianess index files still weren't silently rebuilt
	- IMAP quota plugin: GETQUOTAROOT returned the mailbox name wrong the
	  namespace had a prefix or if its separator was non-default
	- IMAP: If client was appending multiple messages with MULTIAPPEND
	  and LITERAL+ extensions and one of the appends failed, Dovecot
	  treated the rest of the mail data as IMAP commands.
	- If mail was sent to client with sendfile() call, we could have
	  hanged the connection. This could happen only if mails were saved
	  with CR+LF linefeeds.

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